The Goldentree Group of Companies

With over 60 years of dominant presence in the field of infrastructure development and building in South East Asia, The Goldentree Group now ranked one of the best known construction companies in this region.

Tracing its origins back over 50 years, the Goldentree Group (named after its founder Toh Kim Soo) began trading activities under the Kian Hong Company. In the 60’s, the organisation had already gained a reputation for itself in the civil engineering and construction industries. But it was not until the mid 70’s that the organization officially became known as the Goldentree Group of Companies. Today, the group covers a strong regional network with key operations revolving around Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

Product & Services

Our core businesses are centered on road construction, road paving, bridge building, earth works, quarry operator, supply of building materials such as Aggregates, Asphaltic Concrete (Premix) and Ready-Mixed Concrete. It also provides logistic services for the deliveries of the aforesaid building materials to our customers. Renting of machineries related to the road construction works is also a vital business within the Group.

Our Projects

Our numerous projects are too many and too diverse to name them one by one; it ranges from construction of all types of buildings, bridges, reservoirs, treatment plants, highways and airport runways, etc to laying of water pipes or sewage pipes to building of sophisticated aircraft hangers to refurbishment of old British prestigious Cambridge Gate Regent’s Park in London. The photo shows our project named as Institute Tahfiz in Brunei.


Our Achievements

In the construction and engineering industry, no achievement can be accomplished without the full dedication and commitment of the employees toward the jobs that are being entrusted into their hands. Goldentree Group is extremely proud to have such efficient teams in all of their respective fields and companies. All these are being attested by the awards received in the past so many years and we are running out of space to display them.

How may I assist you?

We are ready to help, get in touch with us today by dropping us an email for a speedy response from us.