Projects in Brunei

With the excellent deliveries in all of its projects undertaken in Brunei, Swee Sendirian Berhad was registered with the Public Works Department as Class VI Licensed Contractor with the eligibility to tender projects with unlimited value. Our aforesaid laboratory was accredited by the Ministry of Development of the government of Brunei Darussalam to be in compliance of PBD ISO/IEC 17025. Swee Sendirian Berhad was also accredited with PBD ISO 9001 in the year 2000.


Our numerous prestigious projects are too many and too diverse to name them one by one; it ranges from construction of all types of buildings, bridges, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, road and runways to laying of water pipes or sewage pipes to building of sophisticated aircraft parking Apron, the list goes on. We are also in the business of supplying pre-mixed concrete and asphalt, processed stones and quarrying. All in all, we provide end to end service to all types of construction and engineering needs.

Following are amongst other significant projects undertaken by Swee Sendirian Berhad: -

Valued $108.724 Million

Perumahan Negara Kg. Lugu, Fasa 2, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Valued $8.787 Million

Temburong Bridge Project “Package CC3A – Navigation Bridges”

Valued $276.161 Million

Temburong Bridge Project “Package CC3 – Navigation Bridges (Joint-Venture Project with Daelim) 1.1km

Valued $658 Million

Temburong Bridge Project “Package CC2 – Marine Viaducts (Joint-Venture Project with Daelim)

Valued $78.801 Million

Airfield Pavement Rehabilitation Works at Brunei International Airport – Phase 1 (Joint Venture Project with Trans Resources Sdn Bhd)

Valued $138.9 Million

Construction of Bridge Link across Brunei River from Kg. Sungai Kebun to Jalan Residency (Jointventure Project with Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd.)

Valued $85.812 Million

Supply & laying main transmission pipeline from Bukit Barun to Brunei Muara District

Valued $130 Million

Modernization of Brunei International Airport Terminal (Joint Venture Project with Trans Resources Sdn Bhd)

Valued $12.016 Million

Design and Build of Infrastructure Works (Sections 1A & 1B) at Sungai Liang Industrial Park (SPARK)

Valued $4.825 Million

Resurfacing works in BSB (Phase 1)

Valued $10 Million

Temburong Water Supply (Phase 3)

Valued $61.745 Million

Expansion of Royal Brunei Naval Base, Muara: Package ‘C’ – Piling, Deck & Shiplift

Valued $31.774 Million

Interchange (underpass) Pusar Ulak Radial Road

Valued $30.9 Million

Institute Tahfiz Al-Quran

Valued $7.958 Million

Berakas Interchange

Valued $12.98 Million

Masjid Kg Tamoi

Valued $71.180 Million

Royal Pavillion Package no. 5 Construction of Hangar Superstructure and Annex Building

Valued $48.976 Million

Water Supply Stage 4 Contract 35A Pipelines – Sungai Tutong to Gadong